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Tuesday December 18, 2012 RAIN!  We had almost an inch of rain on Friday and Saturday (.96 to be exact), making 12.68 for the year so far, with more moisture possible tomorrow.  The higher peaks in the Chiricahuas are white with snow, and we’re hoping this is the beginning of the wet winter promised by… Read more »

December 13, 2012 News

A particularly beautiful Fall is ending, and Winter is arriving with many new birds.   The leaves are falling from the cottonwoods, which had been a brilliant yellow until two days ago.  The sycamores are still holding their bronze leaves, quite a contrast to the big white trunks and limbs.  The juniper, hackberry, and pyracantha… Read more »

November News

Toll Free Number We have a relatively new Toll Free number: 855-558-2334. The long distance connection problems we’ve been having for 24 months continue. So if you call us and the phone doesn’t seem to ring or answer, please try the above number. It’s from AT&T, and is supposed to go through different switches that may not be… Read more »