“You have done a great job of making this beautiful place a joy to visit.”

“Our stay at Cave Creek Ranch was the highlight of a wonderful Southeast Arizona birding trip. Both the birds and the accommodations were outstanding. The creek was full and so were the feeders and the trees. I’m sure the love that [the managers] have for nature will make Cave Creek Ranch a place to re-visit many times.”

“Thank you so much for a great couple of days. Weather wonderful, place fantastic. Well worth a trip from Scotland.”

“Thanks to Reed Peters for the vast improvements and upgrading of these cottages. We really enjoyed the hummers, bats, and peccaries, and the general beauty of this place.”

“We had a wonderful time. What a pleasant surprise to discover the refurbished cottages, plentiful bird feeders, and delightful hosts. Saw all our “target” birds and also enjoyed the javelinas and deer. This is a magical part of the country.”

“Great hiking along Cave Creek and the surround areas. Weather was perfect with a cooling shower on the 13th. The javelinas (10 of them) may have been the highlight of the trip — or maybe the browsing deer behind the cottage every evening — or maybe it was the throngs of hummers at the feeders or maybe the bats at the hummer feeders. All of it was excellent.”

“I must note the 4 Acorn Woodpeckers lined up on a bough this morning early, still in their roosting places, head-bobbing and checking us as they awoke; the splendid gray whirs of the nectiferous bats as they came to the feeders in the dark; and the enormous surprise of finding three glorious Arizona Giant Skippers…. Nabokov, in Ada, called them “the most noble of animals.” Several of us visited the house where Vladimir and Vera Nabokov stayed while he collected Nabokov’s Satyr and worked on Lolita in summer of 1954, and last night we enjoyed reading from Nabokov’s rich butterfly writing, here in the stone cottage.”

“We arrived for the total lunar eclipse and it was a very spiritual experience. We all need a dose of Cave Creek every now and then.”

“We didn’t know how much we NEEDED our stay at Cave Creek Ranch until we arrived. Life beside a stream, amongst tall trees and colorful leaves allowed us to exhale deeply and breathe in the glory of being on this planet. Thank you for no TVs, phones, etc. We’ll be back.”

“What a wonderful place Cave Creek Ranch has become, thanks to all of you! We were here two years ago and loved the setting but figured CCR could use a little work. You’ve done wonders, especially keeping everything natural. The feeders, the hospitality, the new common room, the excellent advice on trails to explore all made our stay memorable…. We’ll be back for sure!”