Field studies and research at Cave Creek Ranch

The many biozones of the Chiricahua Mountains Sky Island and the convergence of four major geographic regions – The Rocky Mountains to the north, the Sierra Madre Mountains to the south, the Chiricahuan Desert on the east, and the Sonoran Desert on the west – make for an abundance and rich diversity of plant, animal and insect life.

The stones, plants, wildlife and archaeological remains attract students and scientists to visit Cave Creek Canyon to study in fields such as:

  • arachnology
  • entomology
  • herpetology
  • ornithology
  • mammalogy
  • botany
  • geology
  • anthropology
  • ecology

Some of the research done in the Canyon has included:

    • The BBC researched and filmed “Empire of the Ants” at and near Cave Creek Ranch.
    • Bat Conservation International conducts training workshops and in-depth studies of bat populations.(More info)
    • Univ. of California – Riverside: Insect behavior studies
    • Univ. Connecticut: Moth research

Located in the Chiricahua Mountains of Southeastern Arizona, Cave Creek Ranch occupies 7 secluded acres alongside famous Cave Creek, and offers spectacular views of the rhyolite cliffs of Cave Creek Canyon.

Lodgings range from a small cottage that sleeps 2, to the ranch house that sleeps 6, with a variety of cabins and lodge apartments in between. All include private bathrooms and fully equipped kitchens.